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So, What Can I Do about Hair Breakage?

For starters, you should try to limit the manipulation of your hair. Try to avoid heat styling and blow-drying as much as possible, and excessive brushing or combing on an everyday basis. Washing your hair everyday for any hair type is never a good idea; however, if your hair is extremely oily and you feel the need to wash it every day, use a cleansing agent that conditions, while eliminating build up. As far as diet goes, eating healthier has several advantages, stronger hair being just one of them. Foods that work well for repairing your hair are ones that are rich in protein – red kidney beans, salmon, nuts, etc. Keep foods that are high in sugar and sodium in moderation. And if anything is a miracle in a bottle, its water! By incorporating water into your daily life, you’re not only saving your hair, but your whole body!
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